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A Quick Guide to iPhotography: What A Travel Writer Uses and Recommends on the Road hero image
Posted on February 15, 2017 by David Duran in Travel
With the introduction of the new iPhone recently, iPhotography has come to a whole new level, and non-professional photographers are using simple tricks to make their iPhone photos appear as if they were using professional equipment. As someone who is traveling more than 3 weeks per month, I try and avoid hauling around cameras and equipment with me and often get away with submitting iPhone photos for print, because in the daytime, they are often just as good…if done correctly. Here are some tips on how to better your iPhotography skills.
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The Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the U.S. Right Now hero image
Posted on February 08, 2017 by Milou van Roon in Travel
If you’re stumped trying to decide your next destination, or simply overwhelmed due to the amount of options, we’re here to help. After some research we’ve found the best deals for traveling abroad right now. Because by saving money on your flight, you’ll have more money for hotels, excursions, meals and more so that you get the most out of your trip. Hey, maybe one of these destinations will be your next adventure! Let us know in the comments if you use any of these available flight deals!
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12 Volunteer Abroad Programs to Check Out hero image
Posted on February 01, 2017 by David Duran in Travel
Sometimes a good way to see a different part of the world is by volunteering, making your travel even that more rewarding. What most don’t know about volunteering abroad is that it comes with a price, an actual monetary price. The reason the programs come with costs is because at times, the work alone isn’t enough to sustain the program. Additionally, housing and food are often factored into the money that is charged for your volunteer work. Although it may seem a bit odd to have to pay to volunteer, it’s pretty standard practice nowadays. Before deciding on where to volunteer abroad, make sure to do your research. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 12 volunteer opportunities to check out.
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Bucket List Goals: Road Trip Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks in 6 Days hero image
Posted on January 25, 2017 by Scott Josephson in Travel
Utah’s National Parks, known as the Mighty Five, are a must-see for their majestic landscapes. This is the real Westworld (minus the violence and robots). From the awe-inspiring Arches to the towering cliffs of Zion, you will encounter some of the most enchanting scenery in America. Here’s an itinerary to immerse yourself in a true wilderness of red rock reaching for enveloping blue skies.
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How to Get the Most Out of a Trip to Las Vegas When You Don’t Gamble hero image
Posted on January 18, 2017 by Julie Tulba in Travel
When people hear the name Las Vegas, images of smoke filled casinos and people betting their last $10 come to mind. But believe me when I say this is not why I want to visit. I’m not a gambler (I spent a total of five minutes at a slot machine on a cruise ship almost a decade ago) and yet I know that there’s so much more to Sin City than just its heavily marketed casinos. So here are the five things I’d like to do the most on my first ever trip to Las Vegas:
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Hotel Review: Courtyard Nashville Vanderbilt/West End, Tennessee hero image
Posted on January 11, 2017 by Cheryl Rodewig in Travel
During a recent trip to Nashville, travel writer Cheryl Rodewig stayed at the Courtyard Nashville Vanderbilt/West End. Here’s her take on the experience.
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What 5 Travel Bloggers Want You to Know About Their Hometown hero image
Posted on January 04, 2017 by David Duran in Travel
What happens when five well-known travel bloggers and writers give you the real scoop on their hometown? Well, keep reading to find out.
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The 5 Next Big Travel Destinations to Beat Your Friends to in 2017 hero image
Posted on December 28, 2016 by David Duran in Travel
So where in the world have your friends not been to yet? With travel quickly becoming a way of life for the millennial generation, it’s hard to impress folks with your travel itineraries these days. Of course there is nothing wrong with going to places like Mexico, Italy or Thailand, but if you want to be one step ahead of everyone else, these five places should be on your radar as they will be among the top destinations of 2017.
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