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White Label Our Discount Program:

  Allied Business Network works to ensure that the best business discounts are available for use free of charge every single day. Now, you can utilize ABN’s discounts in a whole new way. You can offer every ABN discount as an added perk for your customers and business associates with ABN’s white label program. Through this program you’ll be able to personalize a discount website for your customers or group to use, get banners advertising the discounts for your website, get program marketing advice and more. ABN is giving you the opportunity to give back to your customers and show them that you’re focused on their needs. The customer experience is what keeps your customers satisfied and coming back, and by adding ABN’s discount program to the mix, you’ll be doing just that. 

The Benefits for Your Customers:

  • Access to all of the discounts that ABN members enjoy every day from the top vendors in the nation.
  • Your customers can use all of the discounts for free! Any day, any time.
  • Give them a reason to come back to your website, again and again.

What the ABN White Label Program Does For You:

  • A customized website designed to match the look and feel of your business’ website. Your customers won’t even know we’ve done all the hard work bringing them the best discounts for you.
  • ABN will manage and update the site on an ongoing basis – you don’t have to do anything!
  • Gives you access to banners for your website promoting the savings and discounts available to your customers.
  • A marketing consultation on how to best integrate the discount program into your website and marketing materials for the best customer experience.

If you’re interested in white labeling ABN’s discount program for your business or association, please email for more information.

To Apply to Become A Vendor on

  Email the following information:

  1. Company Name
  2. Your name, email and phone number
  3. Description of the products/services you will be offering to ABN members.
  4. If your products/services are offered nationally or if they are location specific.
  5. Proposed discount for ABN members.
  6. Proposed rebate to ABN for referring sales.
  7. How an ABN member would use our discount – designated coupon code? Link?
  8. Ways an ABN member can purchase – online, phone, email, etc.

Please allow 7 – 10 business days for an ABN representative to respond to your email. 

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