Posted on January 13, 2016 by Scott Josephson in Travel
There’s no greater freedom than hitting the open road. Forget TSA pat downs, paying to check bags and frustrating flight delays. You’re in control behind the wheel, so why not transform the driver’s seat into a cockpit of comfort and convenience? With safety as your first priority and preparing for the unexpected, these 10 gadgets will make you tech-savvy and road ready for your next highway adventure.
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Posted on January 12, 2016 by David Duran in Travel
“We’ve gone ahead and upgraded your room type,” is one of the best phrases to hear when checking in at the hotel counter. There’s nothing more satisfying than being spoiled and taken care of, especially when it’s compliments of the house. Now unless you are arriving with an entourage and paparazzi, getting upgraded in a hotel doesn’t come easy, but with a little preparation, clever wording and some courage, there are a few potential ways to get bumped to a better room (or suite). Below are five hacks that are worth trying out the next time you want to trade in that mountain view for something more blue…and ocean like.
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Posted on January 11, 2016 by Jessica Buck in Travel
Sunny Cyprus; the country best known for stunning coasts, historical figures and all year round perfect weather – there are so many things to love about Cyprus! With such a rich culture and history, there’s little wonder why Cyprus attracts millions of visitors from all corners of the globe. There are plenty of tourist attractions found in far flung places across the country; from the family beach resorts of Paphos and Protaras to the lively destinations of Ayia Napa and Nicosia. Whatever your holiday needs, Cyprus offers sun, sea and sand right in the heart of the Mediterranean.
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Posted on January 08, 2016 by Scott Josephson in Travel
The Grand Canyon State is home to more than just gorgeous scenery. A short drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Scottsdale is a bastion of affluence, luxury and culture. Its vibrant arts scene, myriad of outdoor activities, and innumerable opportunities for serenity make it an extremely desirable destination for your next getaway. Don’t miss these 10 experiences to make the most of your desert escape.
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Posted on January 07, 2016 by David Duran in Travel
Taking a vacation can obviously be costly, even if you are headed out with paid vacation time. Between flights, hotels and activities, not to mention eating…vacations can add up, and quickly. Thanks to the recent expansion of the “sharing economy,” there are now ways to make some money all while lounging on the beach, or hitting the pavements in a new city. If you are willing to put in a little time and effort during your time off, it’s possible to make some good money, maybe even enough to pay for the trip itself.
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Posted on January 06, 2016 by Milou van Roon in Travel
A solo trip can be scary, especially the first one. But it’s also exciting, fun and an amazing opportunity for growth. Hardly anyone walks away with LESS confidence than before, so that in itself is enough reason to go for it. Here are some tips that will help you feel confident about your first solo trip.
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Posted on January 05, 2016 by Violeta-Loredana Pascal in Travel
Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is probably best known for its endless entertainment options. From theme parks like Universal Studios to movie studio lot tours, there are countless ways to spend a day in Los Angeles. But if you want to go beyond the famous attractions and discover a weirder side to the city, there are plenty of opportunities for that too. Los Angeles has a little something for everyone: from the spooky Museum of Death to the sweet bunnies at the Bunny Museum, no matter what you want, this city has it all.
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Posted on January 04, 2016 by David Duran in Travel
Air travel isn’t the same as it was two decades ago. With so many travelers flying each day, including business travelers willing to pay for upgraded seats, the amount of open seats at the front of the airplanes has diminished drastically. Getting an upgrade when traveling is not an easy feat, but there are a few ways to possibly help your cause that potentially could work. If you don’t try, you’ll never know, and the worst that can happen is you end up in your same seat that you already paid for – so really, there’s no hurt in trying.
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