Posted on June 14, 2016 by Milou van Roon in Travel
It’s the ultimate travel nightmare: you got in an accident and wrecked your rental car, and possibly even another car. Getting in an accident is horrible either way, but wrecking your rental car might be a lot more complex afterwards – since it’s not yours. Here is what you need to know if you wreck your rental car.
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Posted on June 13, 2016 by Lavanya Sunkara in Travel
The Fourth of July is the busiest weekend of the summer and many destinations get pretty crowded. Beaches, cities, and concert halls will be brimming with people celebrating our nation’s birthday. But why rub elbows with strangers, when you can have a crowd-free getaway to quietly reflect on all the things that make America great? Here, we present you charming small towns, secluded islands, and stunning locales to get away for the holiday.
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Posted on June 10, 2016 by David Duran in Travel
The Valley of the Sun isn’t messing around when it comes to food. Phoenix has actually been undergoing a massive transformation, especially in the central and downtown areas, as condominiums go up and new restaurants pop up. But it’s not only the new, some Phoenix culinary and drink institutions have always been at the top of their game and are now seeing a resurgence as more and more locals start to spend time inside the city and less time in the burbs. Below are some of what makes Phoenix a favorite among foodies and foodies in training.
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Posted on June 09, 2016 by David Duran in Travel
Honolulu on the island of Oahu in Hawaii is one of the most recognized cities within the Hawaiian Islands, and it’s the most saturated city with locals and tourists, due to its extreme popularity and limitless options of things to see and do. With Waikiki Beach being the epicenter of tourism on the island, it’s easy to get drawn into the more touristy activities, which there is nothing wrong with, since they are all great things to do, but for those visiting Honolulu looking to check out something to see or do that is a bit more unique, our list below has some out of the box options that wouldn’t make the typical itinerary.
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Posted on June 08, 2016 by David Duran in Travel
During a recent trip to the Palm Beaches, travel writer David Duran stayed at the Hilton West Palm Beach. Here’s his take on the experience.
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Posted on June 07, 2016 by Milou van Roon in Travel
If you’re daydreaming about white sand, cobbled streets or medieval cityscapes, you’re probably in need of a vacation (or a more interesting job?). Being strapped for cash shouldn’t keep you from traveling – you just have to know where to look for cheap tickets. By watching error fares you can save hundreds of dollars on your plane ticket.
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Posted on June 06, 2016 by David Duran in Travel
With the National Park Services celebrating its centennial birthday this year, many travelers are getting re-inspired to go and visit some of their favorite national parks. But with so many to choose from, how does one know where to go? The obvious choices are well, obvious for a reason, they’re amazing. We know this because they are the ones we all talk about or learn about in school. The reality is, that there are 58 national parks and all of them are spectacular, but a lot of them are usually overlooked due to a more well known park being close by or just because no one has heard as much about them. We’ve put together a list of some of the most underrated national parks that really deserve some love because they’re awesome!
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Posted on June 03, 2016 by Scott Josephson in Travel
Boston is a city drenched with history and bursting with the everlasting youth of universities. With tasty cuisine and endless opportunities to celebrate freedom, here are 10 ways to experience the best of the Hub without breaking the bank. There’s more than one way to drop a Hamilton and it doesn’t involve Broadway.
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