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5 Hotels We’re Loving in Atlanta Right Now hero image
Posted on July 05, 2016 by Lavanya Sunkara in Travel
The charming city of Atlanta is rich in history and robust with attractions for the whole family. Visit Martin Luther King, Jr’s famed Ebenezer Baptist Church and learn about the Civil Rights Movement at the The King Center. Take a stroll through the 21-acre Centennial Olympic Park or a drive to the popular filming locations of The Walking Dead. Enjoy authentic Southern cuisine and soul food at top restaurants, and shop the boutiques, art galleries, and upscale malls. Families can get up close and personal with exotic aquatic life at the Georgia Aquarium. All of this and more awaits you in the capital of Georgia. Here, we have put together five hotels to consider when planning your getaway.
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7 Things to Experience in India That Aren’t the Taj Mahal hero image
Posted on June 30, 2016 by Lavanya Sunkara in Travel
The Taj Mahal, the palaces of Rajasthan, and the beaches of Goa all come to mind when traveling to India. But there’s more to this magnificent subcontinent that remains unexplored. From the monasteries of the Seven Sister States and the serene beaches of South India to the salt marshes of the Thar and the tea plantations of Assam, every corner of the country is replete with gorgeous vistas and awe-inspiring architecture. Treat yourself on the roads less traveled on your journey to a land of infinite diversity and beauty.
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Red, White...and Calm: 5 Crowd-Free Getaways for July 4th hero image
Posted on June 13, 2016 by Lavanya Sunkara in Travel
The Fourth of July is the busiest weekend of the summer and many destinations get pretty crowded. Beaches, cities, and concert halls will be brimming with people celebrating our nation’s birthday. But why rub elbows with strangers, when you can have a crowd-free getaway to quietly reflect on all the things that make America great? Here, we present you charming small towns, secluded islands, and stunning locales to get away for the holiday.
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Low-priced to Luxe: 5 Hotels for Any Budget in Los Angeles  hero image
Posted on May 25, 2016 by Lavanya Sunkara in Travel
Los Angeles, the land of stars and sunshine, is on everyone’s must-visit list (and rightfully so). From the gleaming Pacific to its glittering downtown, the City of Angels has plenty to offer. With non-stop action at the Staples Center, movie premieres and a vibrant art scene, there’s never a dull moment. Here, we present five hotels for any budget so you can enjoy this Southern California delight with style and comfort.
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Sea Turtles, Surf and Sand: 7 Unbelievable Things to do in Tamarindo, Costa Rica hero image
Posted on April 28, 2016 by Lavanya Sunkara in Travel
The mantra pura vida is most evident in the beach town of Tamarindo located in Guanacaste on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. It’s a surfer town where you’ll find surf shops, or someone on their bike with one hand holding their board and another on the handlebar. Walk to the shore and you’ll notice a row of seaside restaurants catering to these athletes and the people who come to watch. But that’s not all Tamarindo is about. While it’s drought-ridden right now, that doesn’t stop sea turtles from crawling across the secluded beaches to lay their eggs, crocodiles from finding shade in the marshes, iguanas from sunbathing and monkeys from hanging from the trees. Animal and adventure lovers are sure to have a blast. Below are a few ideas to get you excited about a visit to Tamarindo.
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Hotel Review: Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood, Florida hero image
Posted on April 19, 2016 by Lavanya Sunkara in Travel
On a recent trip to Hollywood, Florida, travel writer Lavanya Sunkara stayed at The Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood. Here’s her take on the experience.
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Top 10 Things To Do in Savannah, Georgia hero image
Posted on March 29, 2016 by Lavanya Sunkara in Travel
The oldest city in the Peach State, famous for its stately mansions, haunted houses, and historic squares, is a must-see for a true Southern experience. It’s easy to fall in love with Savannah, with its sprawling oaks with cascading Spanish moss, beautiful weather year-round, wonderful food, and attractions within walking distance. Whether you are there for a week or a long weekend, here are ten recommendations for your visit to this charming Georgia destination.
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The 5 Best New York City Museums After Dark hero image
Posted on March 22, 2016 by Lavanya Sunkara in Travel
Manhattan is home to some of the most renowned museums in the world. They’re not just famous for ancient artifacts and dinosaur bones; they transform into exciting spots to socialize when the sun goes down. Unlike movies that portray galleries as creepy traps to get yourself in trouble, the real life art houses are great places to mingle with like-minded people and make unforgettable memories. Here we present you five fabulous museums you can visit after hours for a uniquely New York experience.
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