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5 Jaw Dropping European Road Trip Itineraries

Posted on January 20, 2016 by Milou van Roon & filed under Travel
Even if North America has its charm, Europe (in my opinion) takes the crown as Road Trip Queen, because of its sheer diversity in culture and nature. Imagine driving six hours and crossing five countries and hearing four languages. Yeah, that’s Europa for you. This is why we’ve made a list of five European road trip itineraries that will make your head spin!

Norway’s Kystriksveien

Norway’s coastal road takes you along mountains, picturesque towns, fjords, twisting roads and smacks you in the face with the most spectacular views. The road starts at Steinkjer and the almost 600 kilometer long road called Kystriksveien or Fylkesvei 17 will bring you all the way to Bodø. There are a few variations on the route: if you have less time, start more north in the city of Sandnessjøen, since the best views are believed to be around the more northern part of the route. And if you cannot get enough of Norway and the fantastic experience, drive all the way to the Lofoten Islands.

Norway Road Trip
Photo Credit: © iStock/Ausen

Mediterranean Coast

You could drive just a part of the Mediterranean coast, like the Amalfi Coast in Italy, or you could drive the whole thing! It is a very long trip, but if you have the time and money, this road trip will give you so much to see and experience. Drive through ten countries while seeing the diverse nature, enjoying the warm weather, experiencing local cultures, eating delicious foods, meeting many interesting people and having the road trip of a lifetime. Start at Gibraltar in Spain and end in the city of Istanbul in Turkey to see the whole north coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Amalfi Coast Road Trip
Photo Credit: © iStock/prosiaczeq

Iceland’s Hringvegur

Iceland is famous for its nature, but is also bit of a mysterious country. It is getting more and more popular with tourists, but it is not a mainstream destination yet. If you love nature and spectacular scenery, Iceland is a must-visit for your road trip. Iceland’s Hringvegur or Þjóðvegur 1 (Ring Road) will bring you all around the island. You will see blue fjords, snowy mountains, green valleys and lava fields. Visit the national parks, see the geysers, waterfalls and glaciers and hang out with locals in the villages you pass. You can start your road trip in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik and the ring road will bring you back there after you drive around the entire country.

Northern Lights Road Trip
Photo Credit: © iStock/surangaw

Scotland’s Na h-Eileanan Siar (or: the Outer Hebrides)

These islands in the northwest of the United Kingdom offer one of the best driving experiences in the U.K. The rugged surroundings will leave you breathless while you drive from Ness in the north of Isle of Harris (Leòdhas Na Hearadh) all the way down to Lochboisdale on South Uist (Uibhist a Deas). You will get to do some island hopping, visit gorgeous beaches and experience the local culture. The local language is Scottish-Gaelic, which will give your experience a whole other dimension.

Scotland Road Trip
Photo Credit: © iStock/bukki88

Black Forest in Germany

If you cannot get enough of rolling hills, lush forests, picturesque towns and many twisting and turning roads, the Black Forest might just be your ultimate road trip destination. The region in the southwest of Germany is known because of the fairy tales by the brothers Grimm and during your road trip, you will sometimes wonder if you just stepped into a fairy tale. If you are tired of driving, take a hike in the forests, visit the stunning villages or relax at one of the lakes in the area. A popular road in the region is the Schwarzwalder-Hochstraße.

Black Forest Road Trip
Photo Credit: © iStock/rsester

Which road trip makes you itch to jump in your car and start driving?

Main Image Photo Credit: © iStock/Lichtmeister Photography Productions e.U.

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