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5 Countries to Visit While Their Currency is (Still) Weak

Posted on March 09, 2016 by Milou van Roon & filed under Travel
Let’s be honest: if travel was free, we would all be doing it fulltime. Well, traveling for free may be a myth for most people, but you can definitely travel cheaper if you know where to look. Travel to countries with weaker currencies, for example. You get more for your money and you get to discover the world. It is a win-win really!

Vietnam - $1 = 22,428 dong

Vietnam is a very popular destination among backpackers for many reasons. The stunning nature, the warm climate, the amazing cuisine; but also because life is pretty cheap compared to Western countries. Your money goes a long way in this country. You could spend a luxury holiday here, without having to spend more than you would at groceries and rent at home. Tourism has picked up recently, which is a reason why their economy has been getting better over the past few years. Must visits are the cities of Hanoi and Saigon, the Mo Son temples and Ha Long bay. You can also book several kinds of excursions to discover the country, like a jungle trek.

Vietnam Cheap Travel Tips
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Hungary - $1 = 279 forint

Many people are attracted to the gorgeous and historical city of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It might just be the most important touristic attraction in the country. The country has great food, the people are very friendly and the younger people usually speak English. And while Budapest has the grandeur of many Western European cities, it comes at half the price. For the price of one Western European dinner, you can eat for a WHOLE DAY in Budapest, and an entire apartment in the city center goes for the price of a mid-range hotel room without breakfast in Western countries.

Countries Where Your Money Goes Further 2016
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Tanzania - $1 = 2191 Tanzanian shilling

Tanzania is an upcoming tourist destination. The main attraction is the nature and wild life, with safari’s being the most popular activity for tourists. Mount Kilimanjaro is another important destination, being the highest mountain on the continent and all. Whether you want to travel from national park to national park in an effort to spot the Big Five, or travel here for a relaxing holiday in paradise, Tanzania has got you covered. Flying into the country may make a small dent in your funds, but once you are there, you can get around on a pretty small budget.

Africa Cheap Travel Tips
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Chile - $1 = 692 Chilean peso

Latin America is a great continent to visit when you are looking to travel on a budget. While many people are looking to visit the carnival in Brazil, Machu Picchu in Peru or the beaches in Mexico, you cannot ignore Chile. Chile is a fascinating country with many climates, thanks to the length of the country. Visit the historical cities, see the impressive and varied landscapes the country has to offer and try the famous Chilean wine while visiting the vineyards. The economy has been growing since the 00’s, but the country is still pretty cheap compared to other countries on the continent.

Chile Budget Travel Discounts
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Russia - $1 = 75 Russian ruble

Considering its sheer size (Russia is the biggest country in the world) Russia has so much to see, do and experience. Visit the bigger cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg for the colorful architecture, world-renowned museums and art or travel to the coast for a holiday at sea. You can also discover the diverse nature of the country. From deserts, to isolated villages, lakes and volcanoes; the country has almost everything. One of the most popular attractions in Russia is the Trans Mongolian Express, the train goes from Moscow, Russia, to Beijing, China. The last year the ruble has really dropped in value, making now a great time to visit.

Moscow Discount Travel Tips
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So, what country will you visit first?

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