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Why I Swear By Hertz Gold Plus Rewards As A Frequent Traveler (And What It Is)

Posted on December 21, 2016 by Cheryl Rodewig & filed under Travel
I love travel, but there are always a few things I hate to leave at home: my large non-TSA-compliant jar of lotion, my two cats, my smoothie machine and my car, a friendly little Ford that has stood me in good stead since college. The thing about a car is that it’s your ticket anywhere. I’ve ridden my fair share of subways and trams, but when I’m traveling, I want to really see the city — the off-the-beaten-path places that local transportation won’t always take you to.

For that, you need your own set of wheels. Renting a car from an agency I trust gives me the freedom to continue my adventures anywhere the road leads.

Enter Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. It’s both a loyalty program and a discount program rolled into one. You can take advantage of member-only discounts off your rental and get additional coupon offers by email. Plus, you also get extra perks for being a frequent traveler.


It’s nice to get places faster — and I’m not just talking about the engine in your car. When you join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, you check in at the Gold Plus Rewards counter for your first rental. After that, you're golden. You can sign up for email or text message alerts so you get a notification on your phone when your car is ready, letting you know the make, model and license plate number. No extra time waiting at the counter. None of the paperwork hassle. At major U.S. airports, you'll even see the stall number where it's parked so you can go straight to the car, hop in and go.

I'm working on making my vacations a little less jam-packed with fun down to the minute, but until then, I appreciate being able to get going quickly.

When it's time to say goodbye and drop off your rental car, it’s just as fast. You can leave an Express Return slip with the keys and car, and be on your way. Your receipt is emailed you.


Now I’m weird about cars. When I’m traveling, at least in unfamiliar cities, I actually like the smaller compact rental cars. They make it easy to get around. My last Hertz rental was a VW Jetta, and we got along great. That said, if you already reserved an intermediate or premium car and want to switch to something different, you can with no extra fee. You can even choose the upgrade from your phone if you have their mobile alerts set up.

As a member convenience, you can also add your spouse or domestic partner as driver for any car at no extra cost. If you travel as a couple like I usually do, this can add a lot of flexibility.


You earn one point per dollar spent on a qualifying U.S. rental or optional service charges like fuel. If you remain an active member — renting a car at least every 24 months — your points don't expire. At 550 points, you get a free weekend day car rental day. You can also exchange your points for airline miles or points with Hertz partners, like hotels and rail travel.

When you're redeeming points for a reservation, you do need to do it at least a day in advance. For me, that's no problem. Half the fun of a vacation is planning it, and I start (embarrassingly) early.

Here’s something fun to do with your points — make it a goal and work toward a special vacation. It's like putting your pennies in a jar and splurging on something you dream about.

For example, a free weeklong rental is 2,750 points. Seven days in a premium car could make an epic road trip. Get out the map and see how far you can go. What national parks can you hit? What landmarks or major cities stand out along the way? You get the idea.

The Takeaway

Basically, if you travel with any frequency (at least once every two years) for either work or pleasure, the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program makes it easier. There’s no membership fee. You get convenience to save you time and money, and you earn points for future travel. Plus you get treated like royalty, which makes your trip that much better.

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