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Giving Your Office a Makeover – Slideshow

Posted on May 28, 2015 by Cory Bosket & filed under Small Business Tips
Do you like going to work? How about sitting at your desk? Chances are that if you answered no to either of these questions, your productivity, and your mood, may quickly become the victims. According to a recent study, full-time employees spend almost a third of their waking hours at the workspace. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many more companies are ditching the cubicle in favor of more innovative workspaces. While you certainly don’t need a floor to ceiling window overlooking the city skyline to help make your office space more inviting, even the smallest changes can pay big dividends in the long run. Your office should be a representation of who you are, not in a state of constant chaos and disarray. Adding some character to your workspace will not only keep you in good spirits throughout the workday, but it can also help build your creativity and help you stay focused.

Your Workspace and Productivity

Ever get that 2 p.m. feeling where it seems like virtually nothing is getting done no matter how hard you work? You’re not alone, and chances are high that your workspace could be part of the problem. Different spaces can convey a different sense of emotion, and the same remains true for your own personal workspace. Here are four steps you can take to liven up your office.
  • The Power of Open Space

    No one likes clutter, and it turns out that the clutter on your desk may just be cluttering your mind as well. Make an attempt to open up some space on your desk. For example, simply turning around your desk so it faces outward rather than towards a wall can provide you with a whole new perspective for your everyday job.
  • Add Some Outdoors

    We’ve all been there, the situation where we sit at our desks longing for a breath of fresh air as we stare out the office space window. One way to help you stay focused is to incorporate elements of nature right on your desk. Adding a small plant to your desk, or incorporating other elements of nature throughout the office can help lower your stress levels and keep you productive.
  • Turn Down the Lights

    Rid your workspace of those fluorescent overhead lights that have dominated the office space for years in favor of more natural lighting sources. Use varying light levels throughout the office to more match the feelings provided by natural light, or even open up the office with large windows that can help keep the space lit in a more natural and turned down tone.
  • Soften the Sharp Edges

    Go against the grain of sharp corners and straight edges and incorporate more rounded furniture into the workspace. Studies have shown that reducing the amount of sharp edges in the office space can help you stay positive throughout the day, and you may just be able to avoid those scrapes and bruises you get when you accidently brush up against the sharp edges.
Giving your workspace a makeover is a quick way to improve your own productivity and bring new life to an otherwise dull office. While many of us may be quickly turned off by the high cost associated with your in-office makeover, productivity doesn’t have to come at a high price. Cut down the costs of your office makeover with the business discounts and office supply coupon codes from ABN! Having built exclusive partnerships with the nation’s top office supply retailers and suppliers, ABN offers some of the most cost-cutting coupons and promo codes that allow you to give you to completely transform your office at a fraction of the cost. Sign up for your free cost-cutting membership with ABN today, and get on your way towards building the perfect workspace for your needs.
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