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Cut Costs on Office Refreshments with K Cups

Posted on March 26, 2020 by Denise Fishel & filed under Small Business Tips

One of the most important aspects of running a productive workplace is making sure that your employees have access to refreshments at all times.  Studies have shown that people who feel entitled to good coffee and snacks at work are 30% more productive.  Unfortunately, the challenge of keeping up with the costs of flowing drinks at the workplace can easily deplete your office management budget in a matter of weeks.  You may not realize it but the operating costs of running an ice tea or flowing coffee machine at work is in the hundreds of dollars range. 


Thankfully you won't have to run with the question of savings v. productivity because there are a handful of portion control suggestions that still manage to keep your employees satisfied and well hydrated while being treated to a refreshing and gourmet experience in their drinks. Coffee drinks that use K Cups are a good alternative to the flowing refreshment plan and have all the elements of satisfying anyone who needs to quench their thirst or have delightful drinks.


A Fresh and Thirst-quenching Alternative

K Cups are portion containers used with independent cup brewing machines to make coffee, tea or hot cocoa.  K cups are normally made of plastic and are small cup containers with a filter inside.  The ingredients for your drink are stored inside these containers and are sealed airtight to maintain freshness.  All you have to do to enjoy your frothy drinks is to place a cup into the brewer and it does the rest for you.


There are many different coffee roasters and tea making brands for your distinct taste and preference. Green Mountain and Earl Grey just to name two. Major office supply changes like Office Depot carry K Cups and offer them at a great discount.


An Even Lower Price Point for your K Cups

By using discount codes from value saving websites like ABNSave.com you are cutting the cost of refreshments for the workplace even further.  You already save up by choosing K Cups over flowing refreshments, and now you can get as much as 85% off your purchase price if you order through abnsave.com's website.  With ABN you can place orders online, by phone or in the store it doesn't get much easier than that!

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