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Motel 6 makes business travel easy, affordable

Posted on December 04, 2013 by Breanna Wilson & filed under Travel
In some cases, small business owners and startup employees are forced to travel across the country for a number of reasons. Especially in the early stages, businesses may need to strike deals with vendors, corporate partners and even consumer groups. Often, this requires an extended trip across state lines to hash out the finer details of a deal. Footing the bill for these expenses just after launch can be challenging for a small business owner. In many instances, entrepreneurs contribute a significant portion of capital to establishing their enterprise, meaning they are on a limited budget during the first few months or years of operation. For this reason, it's important for small business leaders to take all possible steps to reducing expenses related to traveling during these early stages. One of the best ways to manage costs while on the road is to stay at a budget hotel. Instead of paying excessive amounts for luxury suites, startup owners can book an affordable room at a number of reputable chains that still offer privacy, cleanliness and quality service.

Motel 6 ranks high

Of the many budget hotel chains in the United States, Motel 6 is one that stands out. In fact, Chepism.com ranked Motel 6 as one of its top four budget hotel chains earlier this year. The source noted that room rates start as low as $55 per night, showing just how affordable Motel 6 can be for business travelers. Apart from the price, the chain is known for being pet friendly, with pet fees as low as $10 per night. Also, travelers can always count on grabbing free coffee in the lobby at most Motel 6 locations. Although a budget company, the source stated that online reviews show that customers' expectations are often exceeded when it comes to comfort, cleanliness and service. According to Motel 6, the hotel outlet recently opened more than 60 new locations across 24 states and provinces in the United States and Canada. That means that there are more than 950 convenient Motel 6 locations across North America for small business travelers to choose from, making it one of the largest budget chains on the continent. Although Motel 6's rates are already affordable, ABN members can save even more when they book with ABN's discount code for Motel 6. Doing so will help travelers cut as much as 10 percent of their reservations.
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