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5 key components for the business traveler's ideal hotel

Posted on February 14, 2014 by Breanna Wilson & filed under Travel
Many people who travel for business are content with settling for hotels with insufficient amenities, poor locations and shoddy service when they could do much better with a bit of research and prior planning. To ensure that you present your best self to clients and partners on the road, a pleasant stay at a quality hotel may be worth more than you think. Next time you need to travel for business and are unsure about accommodations, remind yourself of these five things to consider when picking a hotel that will relax and re-energize you for the big day ahead.

1. Listen to those with first-hand experience

There are few better ways to find out whether a hotel is worth your time than asking someone who has stayed there before. Check with colleagues and clients to get an idea of which hotels in the area offer the best service and amenities. Also, don't be afraid to browse online review sites such as Trip Advisor or Yelp to find detailed descriptions of individual experiences that will give you some more insight about where you are looking to stay. Last but not least, social media platforms can be a valuable tool in discovering insider tips or promo codes about hotels, as well as interesting places to see or restaurants nearby.

2. Find everything you need in one place

On an important business trip, you rarely have time to waste and can't spend hours combing the town for services you can't find in the hotel. In a recent article from Forbes, travelers were advised to find a place to stay that functions as a one-stop-shop for all of your needs as a way to save time and focus on what's important. For example, a hotel that has a convenience store, restaurant, bar, gym and work center is far superior to one with limited features that will require you to head elsewhere. For an added bonus, look for places with a conference room so you can bring clients into a neutral space to conduct meetings and carve out even more time into your schedule.

3. Always opt for free shuttles or driving services

Not every business traveler has the time or patience to go through the process of renting a vehicle for a day-long visit, so a hotel that features a complimentary transportation service is an advantage that can't be overlooked. Being able to get anywhere in town without hailing a cab or taking public transportation can give you peace of mind when you have a busy schedule and are already trying to juggle a handful of tasks at once. Furthermore, your company can save a few extra dollars by cutting out rental costs or private drivers that can add up to big costs over the course of a long business journey.

4. Security and safety are key

While it may not be the first thing on your mind when traveling to a new city for business, it is always important that you consider the security measures your hotel provides to guarantee your safety during a stay. Forbes mentioned that financial districts can get dangerous at night, so it is also best to find a hotel near your meetings ahead of time.

5. You need to always be connected

As a veteran of the road you already know that Web connectivity is absolutely essential in today's business world, and a hotel without consistent, reliable internet service is basically worthless when you need to always be on alert. A recent blog article from Gaebler indicated that buying Internet at hotels can get expensive quickly, so look for places that offer complimentary Wi-Fi to save some cash on the road.
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