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Lenovo can provide tech solutions for in-the-dark entrepreneurs

Posted on December 03, 2013 by Jack Bergman & filed under Technology
Small business owners are often faced with a number of challenges due to the size of their companies. Unlike executives at large organizations, startup leaders are forced to take on additional responsibilities that aren't related to their roles. In particular, many small business owners are tasked with establishing quality IT solutions to power their firms. However, data suggests that many of these individuals don't have the skills needed to make sound IT decisions. A recent Sophos study found that 33 percent of small businesses lack in-house technical expertise. Further, 42 percent of startup respondents said that they don't have the necessary budget to leverage enterprise security and technology tools. Fortunately, ABN members can take advantage of a Lenovo discount to help them save money. With ABN's cut-rate offerings, small business owners can save up to 40 percent off Lenovo products. Not only will this help them reduce IT expenditures that are often costly, it will allow them to partner with an organization that is experienced in working with small businesses. Lenovo has a small business-centric program that provides clients with comprehensive consulting and support services. Utilizing this program can help startups leverage the latest technologies at an affordable price.
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