Allied Business Network Privacy Policy

Your personal information is safe within Allied Business Network. The enrollment information you provide (such as your name, title, company name, company address, business phone and fax number, email address, type of business, number of employees, etc.) is private and confidential for members who join as individuals. Please see the section outlined Membership Information within Allied Business Network.

Members who join as a business are giving Allied Business Network express permission to publish your business name and geographic city and state as part of our “Business Directory”. All business members can create a free “Featured listing” in our directory as well. By creating a “Featured Listing” you are giving Allied Business Network express permission to publish any and all information about your business including any information or reviews that may be found via internet search.

You may cancel your membership or have your listing removed from our directory by sending an email to You may reinstate your membership at any time through the Allied Business Network website or by emailing To unsubscribe from our email list, simply click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email you received from us.

Use of Membership Information

Email Addresses: When you first join ABN, you will receive an email explaining how to order from different vendors/suppliers in order to receive the discount. After this first email, you will receive additional emails from ABN containing important and relevant information about your ABN member benefits. This information may include exclusive offers from suppliers/vendors, monthly specials, and other information pertaining to saving your company money. This information is never sold nor given to anyone outside of Allied Business Network’s vendor network. You may opt out of receiving these membership emails at any time by one of three methods: email, phone or standard mail. Information for each of these methods is included in every email you receive from ABN.

Phone and Fax Numbers: If you have opted to enter a phone and/or fax number, you may also receive occasional phone calls and faxes outlining information relevant to your ABN membership benefits including, but not limited to, order forms for special promotions, announcement of new vendor programs, specials, and surveys. This information is never sold nor given to anyone outside of Allied Business Network and the Allied Business Network vendor network. You may request to opt out of receiving these membership phone calls and faxes at any time by one of four methods: email, phone, fax or standard mail. Information for each of these methods are included in every fax you receive from ABN.

Mailing Addresses: ABN may use your mailing address to mail you occasional offers and specials. This information is never sold nor given to anyone outside of Allied Business Network’s vendor network.


Cookies are small text files sent by a web site to the user’s browser that are stored on the user’s hard drive. Cookies are a way to have the browser “remember” specific bits of information. The use of cookies is limited to functions relating to the user’s navigation of this page. Cookies are only created to retain information provided by the user that is necessary to fulfill their requests. The information stored within a cookie can be read only by the Web server that originally sent the cookie. Web servers cannot read cookies sent by other Web servers.

SMS Messaging

ABN offers text messaging of discount information as a service to our users. These messages are sent at our expense but your carrier’s message and data rates may apply. By receiving our discounts via text you are giving ABN the right to send you periodical text messages based on our available discounts or current specials. If you wish to not receive these text messages simply reply “STOP” to stop to opt out.

ABN Business Directory

ABN builds and maintains a list of businesses that have provided their information to us, or information that is readily available through search engine. This information is included in our business directory. The purpose of this directory is to provide our members a means of promoting their business and creating a quality backlink to their site. If you feel your information has been listed in error or that you information is incorrect, please contact us at

Membership Information within ABN

The information we collect is needed to facilitate your ordering process when making purchases from our vendor network and to ensure you receive your ABN membership discount. Your membership information is given to those ABN suppliers/vendors who require the information in order for the discount to be applied to your account. Every ABN supplier or vendor is contractually obligated to protect and keep ABN member information strictly confidential. Please see our complete list of suppliers/vendors.

ABN suppliers/vendors may occasionally send program information via the USPS. Any vendor’s direct mail piece sent to our membership will first be approved by ABN before any member contact information is provided. At any time you may opt out of these occasional mailings by emailing

ABN vendors may occasionally contact members to make them aware of a special offer, exclusive promotion, or as a follow up to a mail piece. At any time you may opt out of receiving these calls by calling emailing

Comment Disclaimer

Comments made on the website are subject to use on materials including printed brochures, emails, graphics, promotional videos and the like. By commenting on you are agreeing to this use and grant ABN the right to publish your name and comment on publicly distributed materials.

Third Party Websites

ABN’s website contains links to our suppliers/vendors’ websites which may or may not maintain the same policies as the ABN site. Although we constantly monitor and review our vendors’ websites, we do not monitor nor have any control over the information you provide to them. Once you leave the Allied Business Network website, you will need to read each vendor’s privacy policy to determine how your information is handled.

ABN does not get involved in a member’s sales process. Our members deal directly with the vendor and the appropriate vendor contacts. ABN does not take delivery for members or stock any vendor inventory.


Your enrollment in ABN and subsequent use of the website and member discounts serves as acceptance of this Privacy Policy in its entirety. The website is administered by Allied Business Network. Allied Business Network reserves the right to modify, add, or remove portions of this policy at its discretion at any time. This policy is available for review at any time online through Allied Business Network’s website. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or the usage of your information, please contact us at

Hertz Business Rewards Privacy Notice

Clicking the “Enroll me in Hertz Business Rewards” checkbox signifies that you have reviewed the following:

Hertz Business Rewards “Business Rewards” (formerly known as Business Account Program) is a program under which small and mid-sized businesses may receive reduced rates and other benefits in consideration for their allowing Hertz and its affiliates, licensees and unaffiliated business partners to market their goods and services to the businesses participating in the program. Accordingly, any business that discloses personally identifiable data about any individual to Hertz in the course of establishing or maintaining that business’ participation in the program by that act (i) consents or “opts in” to the use by Hertz of that data for marketing purposes and to the disclosure of that data to affiliates and licensees of Hertz, as well as to companies that are not affiliates or licensees of Hertz, for marketing purposes and (ii) represents to Hertz that that business has the right to disclose such data to Hertz in view of the uses and disclosures that Hertz may make of the data. Further, the individual representative of such business who provides such data to Hertz represents and warrants that he or she is the legal representative of such business, and has authority to disclose such information for the uses set forth in this Privacy Notice.