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Protect your identity in minutes with ABN's LifeLock member program


We've partnered with LifeLock

A Leader in Identity Theft Protection

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LifeLock is an industry-leader in identity theft protection:

  • At LifeLock they use a patented LifeLock identity alert system to help ensure you remain the only you out there.
  • As an ABN member, you'll save 10% off your LifeLock membership which means that you'll only spend $9/a month or $99/annually for LifeLock Standard™ service.
  • It only takes minutes to enroll and get a peace of mind knowing that you're protected immediately.
  • Receive social security number and credit card fraud alerts as part of your LifeLock Standard protection.
  • You can also receive up to $25,000 in reimbursements for stolen funds as a LifeLock Standard member.
  • Choose the Advantage or Ultimate Plus programs and you could receive reimbursements for up to $100,000 or $1 Million,
    get special bank and crime alerts on your name,
    receive credit reports and credit score updates and receive special alerts on your 401(k) investments.
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