Partner With Us!

Allied Business Network works to ensure that the best business discounts are available for your use free of charge every single day. Now you can utilize ABN’s discounts in a whole new way. You can offer every ABN discount as an added perk for your customers and business associates with the ABN Affiliate Program. Through the ABN Affiliate Program you’ll be able to personalize an ABN page for your customers use, get ABN banners for your website, an informational brochure for your customers’ perusal, and more. ABN is giving you the opportunity to give back to your customers and show them that you’re focused on their needs – at no cost to you. The customer experience is what keeps your customers satisfied and coming back, by using the ABN Affiliate Program you will be giving an added boost to your customers’ experience – something they aren’t likely to forget.

The Benefits For Your Customers:

  • Access to all the discounts that every ABN members enjoys
  • The knowledge that they’re more than just a source of income for your business
  • Cuts in their costs across the board

What the ABN Affiliate Program Does For You:

  • Shows that you’re focused on your customers
  • Gives you access to banners for your website promoting ABN’s savings
  • Gives a boost in return traffic to your website, your customers will remember that by going through you, they’ll be saving money