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Your Supply Chain Demands Freight Solutions. UPS Has Them.

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Once you’re signed up, saving on your freight shipments is easy. You save on the shipments that you pay the freight bill on:

  • UPS Freight is the answer to your business’ heavy duty shipping needs.
  • UPS vs UPS Freight? UPS Freight is used for LTL shipments, also known as less-than-truckload shipments. That means that if you have a palletized shipment over 150 pounds, UPS Freight is the shipping solution for you.
  • Set up an account and start shipping (and saving up to 70% off!) as soon you receive your account confirmation email.
  • Within 7 days of enrolling in UPS and UPS Freight’s ABN discount program, you’ll receive a kit in the mail explaining the details of your account, the discount information and additional information to help you understand the Freight program in full.
  • ABN’s discount is not available at UPS store locations. It is only available through online shipping.
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