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What is Allied Business Network?

Allied Business Network (ABN) is a discount membership organization made up of hundred of thousands of businesses, entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals. ABN negotiates with national supply and service providers to get our members the best discounts available. Since ABN’s prices are negotiated, members are able to save every single day of the year.

How does ABN help my company save money?

ABN helps businesses save money through the power of group buying. Because ABN has thousands of members, national supply and service providers are willing to give considerable discounts. Even if each ABN member only purchases a small amount, the overall quantity is considerable, so every ABN member gets the bulk discount rate.

Is there any kind of fee associated with ABN?

No fees! No dues! Membership in ABN is 100% FREE. There are never any fees or minimum purchase requirements, only savings. ABN is reimbursed directly from our suppliers and vendors. We’re in the business of saving businesses money – it just doesn’t make sense to charge to do so.

How much do I have to purchase to get ABN’s discounts?

As much or as little as you like! Even if you only need a single page copied; you can still use ABN’s discount. ABN provides the discount through a coupon code, savings program, or exclusive link, but you do your own purchasing; there is no lower limit for smaller purchases and no upper limit for larger ones. No matter how much you spend, you can use ABN’s discounts.

If I don’t own a small business, can I still join ABN?

Yes! Many ABN members are entrepreneurs and individuals. While ABN mostly focuses on business savings, we also offer great employee and individual discounts too. Just because you don’t own a business doesn’t mean you can’t save with ABN. (Plus you don’t have to only make business purchases – you can save on personal purchases too!)

I can see the discounts, why should I sign up?

ABN membership is completely free. While you can see ABN’s coupons and discount codes without becoming an ABN member, it’s better to sign up. As an ABN member, you’ll receive up-to-date information and notifications about our current and future discount programs right in your inbox.

Why does ABN need my contact information?

Providing ABN with your basic contact information is required in order to sign up; mostly so you can receive special coupons, discounts and information about any additional ABN benefits. We will never sell this information, or give it to any company outside of ABN’s vendor network. You can request removal of any of your information at anytime, and still be eligible for ABN’s savings and discounts – and remain an ABN member. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

I just signed up for ABN, why haven’t I received my welcome email?

ABN’s welcome emails sometimes can take up to 24 hours to receive. Occasionally ABN emails end up in spam and junk mail folders, so make sure you add and to your white list.

How do I get my member information resent to me?

To have your member information resent to you, please contact an ABN member specialist.

Do I need my membership card to use the discounts?

No. Generally you should not need your ABN membership card in order to use your ABN discounts. It is, however, recommended that you have your ABN membership just in case a vendor asks to see it; particularly when using one of ABN’s travel discounts.

Where do I log in to ABN?

You don’t! ABN does not have a log in system for our general membership?

How do I update my member information?

Currently ABN does not have a way for members to update member information online. If you’d like to change any of your ABN member information, please contact an ABN member specialist.

How do I use my ABN discounts?

Each ABN discount program has different specifics, whether it’s linking your current account to our pricing or simply using a coupon or promotional code. All of our program specifics are laid out on our vendor information pages. See all of ABN’s discounts by visiting our discount directory.

I signed up for ABN, when will I get my Hertz, Office Depot, or UPS account information?

Some ABN programs, like Hertz, Office Depot and UPS, require additional steps in order to utilize the full discount program. If such steps are necessary, they are completely outlined on each ABN vendor information page. ABN does not complete these steps for you. View ABN’s Hertz, Office Depot, or UPS program details to get complete program information. Looking for another program? Visit ABN’s discount directory for the complete list.

Should I call ABN concerning orders I placed using an ABN discount?

No. ABN members purchase directly from the provider or supplier they’re doing business with, so ABN doesn’t have ANY access to order information. If you have questions on how to place an order using ABN’s discount, please feel free to contact us, but ABN CANNOT access order or reservation information. For questions regarding your orders, contact the provider you purchased through.
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