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As a road warrior constantly dashing between cities and meetings, it was important I found a reliable place to setup shop, even if it was only for twenty minutes. I found just that and more.

As a respected traveler slash road warrior, finding a temporary place to setup a remote office on the road is a constant struggle. My concerns are always: will the internet connection be reliable? Will it be too crowded and loud to take a business phone call? Will I be comfortable there for an extended period of time? Is there coffee and food? Finally I found a solution to all of those problems, plus a few more I haven’t even gotten into. My solution: Marriott’s Workspaces on Demand.

After discovering that several Marriott hotels I was traveling between offered spaces that I could reserve and designate as an office for a few hours, I was hooked. It’s the perfect solution for the ultimate road warrior like me or even a remote worker looking for a more productive place to work for a day.

The site, allows me to search desks, tables and private rooms by zip code, and from there I can reserve the space in just a few more clicks. If I’m not actually staying at a Marriott hotel, that’s not an issue, anyone can reserve these spaces. Here are a few additional hacks I’ve learned from using Workspaces on Demand.

1. I bookmarked in my browser and added it to my smartphone’s home screen. There is not currently a Workspace on Demand app, so adding it to my home screen made the most sense so that I can easily book from my phone when I’m on the go.

2. I’ve learned to not necessarily settle on the first work space I find. While desks and boardrooms make up the majority of the rental spaces, I’ve also found some pretty interesting hidden gems to work from – the Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort, Golf Club & Spa’s Chickee Hut and poolside Cabanas being two of the coolest. No one said I had to always work from somewhere traditional.

3. Coffee and tea are sometimes included which means I can skip Starbucks. When looking through the available spaces in an area, one of the first things that I check for under the amenities section is to see if coffee and tea are included with the space. Other amenities always include Wi-Fi at no cost and can also include printers/scanners/copiers and an on-site notary. Restaurants are also typically on-site for a no-hassle meal. It feels good to know I have everything I need in one place.

4. I don’t have to be a hotel guest to take advantage of the free spaces. I can’t stress this one enough. This has been especially useful if I have meetings in two different locations and a hotel nowhere near either.

5. After downloading the Marriott Guest Services App and turning on my Bluetooth I’ve found myself receiving notifications for free appetizers, desserts and more. Some Marriott locations are using LocalPerks, a beacon system that pings my iPhone as I’m walking through the hotel with deals for things on site. Everything from free food to spa deals have come through.

The trend of hotels opening up their public spaces and offering free Wi-Fi throughout those spaces is really proving to be beneficial for short-on-time business travelers like myself. This trend is just one of many that have helped me stay productive and focused while on the road.