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ABN Alliance Program #078

ABN Alliance Program #078
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BP Fuel - Special Rebates on Fuel Purchases

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High quality fuels

and great savings for ABN members

Gas and diesel savings

ABN members save 4.5¢ off gas, 2.5¢ off diesel

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Universal Fuel Card

easy control and improved efficiency for your business

Get ABN member discounts!

Benefits of ABN's BP Business Solutions Universal Fuel MasterCard

  • You'll earn rebate savings of 4.5¢ per gallon on fuel
  • Use your card to purchase fuel at over 6,000 BP locations nationwide
  • Have complete control over unauthorized purchases on all cards to help minimize fraud
  • View your account data in real time, making it easy to track driver activity
  • In order to use the program you must sign up as a business and you must have multiple vehicles that will utilize the service.
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