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  • ABN’s CDP 1261109 will help you save up to 25% when you reserve a rental car online, by phone or walk into a Hertz airport or neighborhood location.
  • When you enroll through ABN into Hertz’s Business Rewards program, not only will you automatically save up to 25% every time you rent, you will start earning credits toward Free Rental Day Certificates.
  • Each rental day you complete as a member of the Hertz Business Rewards program will get you closer to free rentals. If you’re a business, have all of your employees rent under your Business Rewards account – you’ll earn free rental days in no time.
  • Use the free rental certificates during your company’s next road trip, or give them out as special employee perks. Either way, you’ve just received the ultimate reward from Hertz!
  • Once you’re enrolled in the Hertz Business Rewards program take advantage of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership. As an ABN member you can enroll for free, that’s a savings of $60.
  • The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program helps streamline your rentals by allowing you to skip the counter at pick up and drop off, plus exclusive coupons only available to members of this elite group. Consider this your invite into an elite group that receives special treatment, offers and perks. Again, all for free as a valued member of ABN.
  • Being a member of ABN not only helps you save up to 25% on every Hertz car rental, it also helps you save time and energy by making renting a car that much easier. Sign your business up today through the Hertz Business Rewards link at the top of the page.
  • Our Hertz car rental discount is one of the best discounts available. Bookmark our page, write down the Hertz CDP code and use it any time you need to in the future. Our Hertz CDP code never expires.

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The Best Hertz Discounts and Hertz Coupons

Use these Hertz coupon codes and promotional codes for additional saving in conjunction with ABNSave CDP# 1261109

Get a Free Rental Day

Rent 6 days and get the 7th Free when you use PC #310104 in your reservation. Plus receive an additional up to 25% when you use your ABN Discount CDP.

PC# 310104 CDP# 1261109 Reserve with Special!

Get 10% Off A Weekly Rental

Get 10% off your weekly rental plus an additional up to 25% when you use PC #310102 with your ABN Discount CDP in your reservation.

PC# 310102 CDP# 1261109 Reserve with Special!

$15 Off A Weekend Rental

Save $5 a day / up to $15 on a weekend rental when you use promo code # 310099 in your reservation. Plus save an additional up to 25% when you use your ABN Discount CDP.

PC# 310099 CDP# 1261109 Reserve with Special!

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Check out what other great offers Hertz has right now to see what additional savings you can get on your next car rental. Remember when booking your car rental to use ABN Discount CDP # 1261109 to ensure you receive your up to 25% discount.

PC# CDP# 1261109 Reserve with Special!

* Certain geographic, time, and other restrictions apply to Hertz Local Edition® locations.

** Rates available only at Hertz Local Edition®. All Business Rewards rules and restrictions apply.

±± Rental credits awarded and bonus credits earned only for rental days relating to paid, qualifying rentals. Hertz reserves the right to change, modify or eliminate the rates, discounts, differentials and/or benefits of the Hertz Rewards Program without notice. In a limited number of U.S. and Canadian cities, a rate differential may apply.

+ OPEN Savings®: Payment must be made with an American Express Business Card at the time of purchase. Savings will be credited to your American Express Business Card billing statement. All savings referenced are in addition to any offers made by participating companies. Participation and offers are subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please visit OPEN Savings® and American Express are registered trademarks of American Express Marketing & Development Corp.

++ Discount available at Hertz corporate-owned U.S. locations.