18 Slang Words to Know if You’re Visiting Australia

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Australian Slang Words
Traveling the globe can be challenging…especially when it comes to language barriers. Thinking of heading to Australia? Sure, they speak English down there, but just like anywhere else, they also have slang words that often make no sense to those of us not from there. Here’s a quick Aussie language lesson to get you ready… Read more »

5 Must-Do Outdoor Activities Near Melbourne

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Australia Travel Tips
Victoria’s coastal capital, Melbourne, shines brightly with its stately 19th century buildings and tree-lined boulevards. Along the Yarra River lies Federation Square, bursting with bars, restaurants, and plazas for cultural events. Pristine beaches are just a train ride away. But there’s more to explore in the surrounding areas, and it’s easy to catch a day… Read more »

A Travel Blogger’s 5 Must Dos in Amman, Jordan

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Travel Blogger Recommendations for Amman Jordan
Amman (once known as Philadelphia – yes, Philadelphia!) is one of the easiest cities in the Middle East to experience real culture at the same time as embracing modernity and change. The city can be easily divided into two distinct parts. The west will provide you with a leafy residential culture, with bars, cafes, art… Read more »

4 Apps to Ease Your Business Travels

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woman holding phone
Are you trying to find the best discounts on your next trip? How about finding some things to do when you are in town on business? Thankfully there is “an app for that” as there are a number of great apps available to help you find everything you need to have a great trip.  Here are the top… Read more »