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listen at lower volumes without compromising sound quality

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Great for travel

relax and enjoy, no matter where you are

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Home and in-car audio

with Infrared Wireless Headphones

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  • Purchase enough Able Planet headphones for your office – some employees do their best and most creative work with right background music. Give them a chance to get in their zone!
  • Able Planet headphones are perfect for business travelers. Pack your Able Planet noise-cancelling headphones for everything from long flights to loud days at the office and block out every distraction.
  • Ear buds come with three bud sizing options for the perfect fit for any ear.
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  • Able Planet headphones make a great gift for the traveler and music fan in your life.
  • Compatible with your mobile device, tablet and computer, Able Planet headphones are great for use anywhere and everywhere.
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