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Businesses across the country are using Square, see why with our no risk trial:

  • Square is great for small to medium sized businesses looking for an easy and low cost solution for their credit card processing needs.
  • When you sign up with Square through our partnership, you’ll receive a card reader for free to plug into any smartphone or tablet device so that you can accept credit cards anywhere.
  • Once you receive your free Square credit card reader, download the Square Register app for free for either iOS or Android and you’re ready to start swiping credit cards.
  • Take your Square credit card reader with you on the road, to a tradeshow, a flea market, wherever you and your business may go!
  • When someone purchases the process is easy: you swipe their credit card through the reader, the buyer signs on your smartphone or tablet’s screen with their finger, and their receipt can either be printed, texted or emailed. It’s that easy.
  • Square’s commitment to security means that your clients can feel safe when they use their credit card to purchase from you.
  • Once your $1,000 threshold in free credit card processing has been reached, you’ll only pay 2.75% in processing fees with all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).
  • No commitments or long-term contracts. Stop using Square whenever you want.
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  • susan war

    how is this supposed to be a discount when thats what u get, regardless of where u sign up for square….. Its not a discount, lol

    • ABNSave

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks for your feedback . It’s great that you were able to find a similar $1,000
      in free processing discount for yourself through another organization. Square doesn’t offer this type of promotion
      to its customers, directly. It’s only available
      through groups like ours.